Productivity is what drives entrepreneurs to their success. Without productivity, progression ceases to exist. While entrepreneurs typically focus on what they should be doing, at some point in time, one must take a step back to evaluate what they shouldn’t be doing. To maximize your workflow, efficiency, and drive, here’s what you need to explore for a positive change.

4. Overworking Yourself

While a standard full-time job requires 40 hours a week, the average entrepreneur puts in between 50 to 60 hours per week. The standard 9-5 job isn’t always an option for entrepreneurs as late nights and weekends are mandatory for your everyday entrepreneur. In these situations, it becomes easy to overwork yourself.

The key here is to stop trying to do everything all at once. In a hefty work week that requires a large load of hours, organizing a schedule will only go so far. Having set times to accomplish tasks, you allow yourself to focus on one thing rather than multiple things. It’s important to remember when making this schedule to keep it fluid. Flexibility in a schedule will help you be more productive as you take on one task at a time. If the workload becomes too much to bear, always remember it’s okay to ask for some assistance.

3. Not Delegating Tasks

You have to remember that you can’t do everything yourself. The better you delegate, the more work you can get done– which is the main goal here. Prioritize the tasks that need to be taken care of, and then delegate appropriate responsibilities. The major hindrance to entrepreneurs is their inability to delegate tasks. It takes a team to drive success, and without teamwork, you end up burning out before reaching full potential.

2. Fearing Failure

Failure is often viewed a negative. However, if you eliminate the fear and instead turn it into a learning opportunity, failure can show you exactly what areas should be improved. Making failure into a lesson is something entrepreneurs should embrace, not run away from.

As an entrepreneur, you have to own up to your mistakes. Accept that you will fail, and take advantage of it when the time comes.

1. Resting on Negatives

Like failure, negatives only hold you back if you continue to reflect on them. Often, entrepreneurs can become stuck on a negative, making it hard for them to focus on the positives. In terms of productivity, we tend to view it as a number of things we accomplish and get done in a scheduled timeframe. However, if you remove the number of things and focus more on putting quality and efficiency into tasks, we can move past those negatives and focus on the positives.

If you are an entrepreneur that desperately needs to increase your productivity, change your habits. Habits of productive people are something you should strive for, and then eventually you’ll find that you have become a productive person, too!