For the average worker, a 40-hour work week fairs just fine until the much anticipated holiday hours roll around. But for entrepreneurs, their work often isn’t rounded into weekly hours, rather a lifestyle that continues around the clock. You don’t have to lose your momentum during the holiday season or succumb to end-of-the-year burnout. Here’s how entrepreneurs can stay on top of their hustle during the holidays.

Assign Yourself Readings

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of staying ahead of the game. The holidays are no exception. With all of the traveling you’ll be doing during the holidays to visit your loved ones, take the time to assign yourself readings.

Stay up to date on the latest best-practices for entrepreneurs. Keep an eye out for your competition. Continue to expand your knowledge and expertise over the holidays by reading relevant articles to your industry. You never know what great ideas could come from your readings.

Get Ahead on New Year Goals

As this year comes to a close, use your downtime during the holidays to brainstorm how you can make next year even better. Use this time to set goals for yourself and discover ways you can push yourself to be better. You don’t have to wait for January to come before you start setting new goals. The earlier you plan them, the more time you have to start making actionable plans to make sure you achieve each and every goal for the new year.

Reflect on This Year

In addition to setting new goals, take time to reflect on this past year’s goals. What did you accomplish? Where did you fail? Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways they can reach a higher potential. Take your ups and downs from the year and reflect on what made those situations. This is your opportunity to learn lessons from every moment you failed, but also the moments you were successful. When you take time to reflect on these situations, you can learn for the future moments you will face in the year to come.

Enjoy Downtime with Those Around You

Entrepreneurs are all about the hustle, but what really gives humans their fuel? Don’t forget to take time to enjoy with your friends and family. The holidays are about giving, and one thing you have to give is your time. Your family and friends will cherish moments spent with you, and you will find yourself fueled up with energy to keep yourself going, just like entrepreneurs always do.