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How Keeping a Positive Attitude Will Change Your Work Week

Positive thinking has tremendous power to transform your daily life. More than simply putting on a false smile and attempting to think unreasonably optimistic thoughts, positive thinking involves mainly a strong confidence in your own abilities to accomplish your goals and surmount whatever obstacles you may face. In contrast, negative thinking is focused on the […]

Tony Darvazeban Lessons from

Best Lessons Learned from Entrepreneurs

Although having common qualities such as passion, drive, intuition and more, entrepreneurs walk many different paths and journeys. Throughout every entrepreneur’s career, they’ll have to face challenges and lessons learned. If you want to reach your ultimate success as an entrepreneur, take a few pointers from these valuable lessons learned. Your Time Truly is Money […]

Tony Darvazeban Honor Culture

Honor Culture in the Workplace

As our world has gotten smaller, our workplaces and public spaces have become phenomenally diverse. From country of origin to ethnicity to religion and more, the US in particular has become a home to people from all ends of the world to work together and build together. Naturally, all the diversity has to make an […]

Tony Darvazeban Burnout

Top 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Bounce Back from Burnout

All entrepreneurs experience burnout at some point as they are starting or growing their business. Burnout is easily to slip into thanks to our hyper connectivity through technology and being able to work from anywhere. Yet burnout is one of the biggest factors to failure because it leads to demotivation in the long run. Here […]

Tony Darvazeban Motivational Books

Books That Will Boost Your Motivation in 2018

With the new year comes new found inspiration. As many people create New Year’s resolutions, build their skills, and follow their passion, the key factor behind it all is motivation. For entrepreneurs, finding motivation in the beginning of the year is easy. You have new plans, new goals and aspirations to chase after. But keeping […]

Tony Darvazeban Hustle During the Holidays

Don’t Lose Your Hustle During the Holidays

For the average worker, a 40-hour work week fairs just fine until the much anticipated holiday hours roll around. But for entrepreneurs, their work often isn’t rounded into weekly hours, rather a lifestyle that continues around the clock. You don’t have to lose your momentum during the holiday season or succumb to end-of-the-year burnout. Here’s […]

Tony Darvazeban Be More Productive

Entrepreneur Energy: 4 Things to Stop Doing If You Want to Be More Productive

Productivity is what drives entrepreneurs to their success. Without productivity, progression ceases to exist. While entrepreneurs typically focus on what they should be doing, at some point in time, one must take a step back to evaluate what they shouldn’t be doing. To maximize your workflow, efficiency, and drive, here’s what you need to explore […]

Tony Darvazeban Real Estate Trends BC

Vancouver Real Estate Following Trends

What’s life like in Canada’s third most populated metropolitan district? Life on the West Coast is a dream of many, and for good reason. Vancouver has a lot to offer as a city. Although one of Canada’s most expensive housing markets, Vancouver is also one in the top lists of best cities to live. Just […]

Tony Darvazeban Before You Start a Business

Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Own Business

Entrepreneurs have a “let’s get this started” attitude and while that drive is one of the major reasons many are successful, at times it can also cause them to get ahead of themselves. If you’re looking to start a business, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Consider these tips before you launch […]

Tony Darvazeban Secrets

6 Secrets to Being Successful and Happy in Your Career

Where does the key to happiness lie in terms of your company and your career? Tony Darvazeban brings us the 6 secrets to finding happiness in your career while also remaining successful.