Tony Davrazeban Professional ImageFor more than 25 years Tony Darvazeban has worked as an entrepreneur in the real estate industry—specifically in real estate development and property management. Tony attributes his success, in part, to his philosophy of being open to new business adventures and ideas. Tony’s entrepreneurial career began in his early 20s when he first became involved in renovating projects in the Vancouver area. Tony found success with these initial projects and eventually moved on to increasingly complex projects, including building new homes and mansions in some of the most well-known areas of Vancouver & West Vancouver Canada.

Throughout his entrepreneurial career, Tony Darvazeban has believed in living below his financial means and remain humble and appreciative of the people he works with on a daily basis. Tony believes that it’s important to keep in mind that it’s impossible to know or learn everything. Therefore, every project is another chance to learn more about the real estate industry and entrepreneurship in general.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being an entrepreneur is creating a path for your own success. Tony likes being his own boss and working hard to achieve his own results and success. Each day as an entrepreneur is another opportunity to make life more meaningful, by pursuing projects that you believe in. Tony’s intense passion for real estate and building homes for clients, is one of the biggest reasons for his success, and he encourages new entrepreneurs to focus on doing work that they are passionate about as well. Your heart should be in everything you do, then success can become easy and enjoyable to attain as an entrepreneur.

Being a successful entrepreneur also takes a lot of hard work and effort. Furthermore, entrepreneurs must be willing to dedicate a significant amount of time into their careers. Tony’s innovative approach to real estate, his commitment to his loyal clients, and his resilient attitude have helped him maintain a high level of success over the years.

Tony Darvazeban’s work as an entrepreneur has taught him how to achieve continued success in the real estate industry no matter what challenges arise. Consequently, Tony is grateful for the success he has achieved over the course of his career, and he continues to expand his knowledge and to learn more about the industry. Part of Tony’s research process includes following the latest real estate trends and staying up to date with world policies. This knowledge informs his work and helps him adjust his approach when it’s necessary.

Outside of work, Tony Darvazeban is committed to giving back to his community. He particularly cares about environment issues, and he supports causes that benefit families whom are less fortunate. Tony’s concern for the environment influences his career decisions as well. He is committed to employing sustainable building practices that. Tony is involved with several various charitable organizations. He feels it is his responsibility to care for the people in his community.

He is a committed family-man who is actively involved in his children’s school. His donations have helped fund much needed extra-curricular activities and provided financial relief to families with children in need allowing other kids to have equal opportunities in life.

He is a prominent Council Member for “The Private Residences” at Fairmont Pacific Rim. He has made a significant difference in the way The Residences are managed, by implementing more detailed rules & By-laws for the building and its’ owners and tenants. This has resulted in a great shift towards higher market values for the units, as well as maintaining high standards. His focus when dealing with all people is stay true to himself with integrity, honesty and charity. He is well respected among all who know him.

Tony Darvazeban also enjoys staying active when he is not working. He particularly likes playing tennis, soccer, and riding his bike in his free time. His other interests include hiking and traveling with his family.